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Nobody makes more

Nobody makes more game parts than SUZOHAPP, founded

Fresh off the ICE show in London,

SUZOHAPP had a wealth of new technology to showcase, which it does in this conversation with Damien Connelly.

The natural choice With sports betting on the upswing, this is a

particularly opportune time for technology companies to turn their attention to that sector and capitalize upon it.

 As company President Sim Bielak says,

The natural choice it’s a very exciting time.” SUZOHAPP was ready with sports-betting terminals and a line of replacement parts.

SUZOHAPP’s focus is happily divided between what’s new and what’s old. In the latter case, retro, reel-spinning slots are making a comeback, something upon which Bielak is poised to capitalize.

As for the new, that would be jurisdictions like Brazil and Ukraine, which have been flirting with casino.

development for some time and seem finally poised to take the plunge.

The natural choice in Technology That’s quite a long way for a company that started out making coin doors for arcade games.

Nobody makes more The natural choice in Technology Bielak brings us up to date on SUZOHAPP’

s new frontiers and what it has to offer a rapidly expanding gaming industry.

How was ICE London 2020?

ICE London was a very successful show for us and was a great

xperience to see what’s new in the industry.

Traditionally, ICE has given us the opportunity to meet with our customers and find out what new projects they’re

working on and showcase solutions that may help them develop new ideas.

What surprised us most this year, however, was the number of new faces at the show. 

The natural choice in Technology With the rise of sports betting, the

gaming industry is growing and evolving rapidly as technology advances to support this new sector.

What were amongst your most popular products at ICE London this year? We have a number of well-known products and brands in the gaming sector.

Our ELO and VisionPro monitors are vey popular, which are our premium products for electronic table games.

Stepper games, otherwise known as mechanical reel games, have renewed appeal as a retro item and are making a comeback.

While digital games are certainly still pushing the boundaries of innovation and looking for new ways to

appeal to customers, the attachment to traditional gaming methods remains strong and we aim to be a primary supplier for that market.

As sports betting is on the rise worldwide, our sports betting terminals and components for these terminals were also of key interest.

Our offering includes a variety of

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