Lovell Walker

transformed the company’s slot business.

He also described the newest product group on the slot side, a variety of signage packages designed for banks of AGS slots, noting that studies have shown a 15 percent to 30 percent jump in revenues when a sign package is used on a slot bank.

Burke also said the company is responding to customer requests to use the math model of the hit dollar giant-format game Colossal Diamonds in new standard-sized dollar games.

On the table side, John Hemberger, senior vice president of table products, conducted several sessions and panels examining the introduction of side bets and progressives such as the hot

AGS product Bonus Spin, which adds a customizable prize wheel to any table.

Game; maximizing profits on low-limit table games; and larger industry issues such as the emergence of electronic table games.

Other highlights of the conference program included a panel discussion by slot executives on “gamblifying the gamer,”

which examined ways casinos can capture the business of the large market of video-game enthusiasts;

the use of social casino apps, and how to maximize player use of them;

the math behind game design; and the use of progressives to raise the hold on table games.

The conference also featured presentations by American Gaming Association President and CEO.

Geoff Freeman and journalist Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of the Axios news service and former chief political reporter for Politico.

Freeman gave an update on the industry issues being addressed by the AGA, and the evolution of attitudes toward the gaming industry in the U.S. He said the AGA and its members have come together as an industry in recent years,

meeting challenges such as the IRS proposal to lower the slot win reporting requirement and the call from.

The federal Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for the industry to tighten up anti-money laundering procedures.

In both instances, he said, the industry came together, “shifting to offense” to work with the federal government to achieve solutions to issues.

He went on to outline the AGA’s leadership in the effort to repeal the 25- year-old federal ban on sports betting,

which he predicted will be achieved within the next two to three years.

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On-Premise Mobile Solutions GTECH

• BOOTH 1264

At G2E 2014, GTECH will premiere On-Premise Mobile Solutions for casino, bingo and poker games.

On-Premise Mobile allows casinos to increase gaming revenues without increasing gaming floor space, within existing regulations and using proven technology.

Providing real-money game play on smart phones and tablets while within the casino brings.

choice to customers and extends the gaming experience to the new mobile generation.

GTECH’s On-Premise Mobile is a new way to engage players while on-property.

It gives players what they want—an easy-to-use, accessible and personal gaming experience.

It offers casino customers the opportunity to play while waiting for a slot or table game or when they head to the bar,

restaurant, sports book or bingo hall.

On-Premise Mobile creates a frictionless user experience from account creation through funding and play.

It integrates loyalty and customer management and delivers a high degree of usability on any device.

The game content is designed to deliver exciting play suitable for short sessions in mobile gaming.

Additionally, the solution is flexible to meet specific market regulations.

• Simple registration and account setup: GTECH offers a single player account and player account management system that can integrate with a casino’s existing loyalty/customer management platform.

• Secure, compliant and convenient payment options: Existing infrastructure is used to facilitate cash payments for mobile play at the cage, electronic payments on device and to utilize ticket-in-ticket-out and other voucher systems.

• One mobile app and one player account: Operators can continue relationships with players beyond the property door with the mobile app, which delivers an integrated player experience from a single player account.

Strict geofencing disables real-money functions when outside the regulated area while allowing casinos to communicate and engage customers with non-gaming activities.

• Tried and proven technology: The technology which powers the GTECH On-Premise Mobile has been installed in multiple regulated markets for over 10 years and has supported countless mobile transactions.

GTECH works closely with customers to apply the technology based on market regulations, players’ .

Needs and the unique business requirements and goals/objectives of the company.

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Since President Ronald Reagan signed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, every president of the United States has had a critical role in Indian gaming.

Whether it’s by their political appointments at the Department of the Interior or the National Indian Gaming Commission,

or the policies they promulgate, presidents can accelerate or inhibit the growth of Indian gaming.

I was honored to serve as deputy assistant secretary for Indian Affairs for President Clinton during a six-year period when Indian gaming gross revenues grew by $10 billion.

President Trump’s administration has generally been favorable to Indian gaming, with some notable exceptions regarding the Mashpee tribe of Massachusetts and a halt to trust-land acquisitions in Alaska.

As the 2020 presidential campaign progresses, it’s worth examining the Indian gaming policies of three candidates likely to be finalists for the Democratic nomination for president:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

None of the three Democratic candidates above has an explicit position regarding Indian gaming.

Sanders’ policy statement on Native American issues focuses largely on social and environmental issues, like climate change, violence against native women and health care.

In direct conversations I’ve had with Senator Sanders, he expressed strong support for tribal sovereignty, treaty rights and land protection, which would seem to bode well for tribal self-determination and Indian gaming.

Sanders has not been quoted saying any disparaging remarks regarding Native Americans generally,

or with regard to Indian gaming, like President Trump in the early 1990s (before he partnered with an Indian tribe).

Sanders, however, has not noticeably championed the Vermont state-recognized Abenaki Tribe in its efforts to seek federal recognition after being rejected by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

He also has not sided with the tribes with respect to the proposed Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act,

and its goal to remove federal agency jurisdiction over employees in tribal commercial enterprises,

like casinos. Even so, it doesn’t appear that Indian gaming would be negatively affected by a Sanders presidency,

and his outreach to Native American leaders on the campaign trail indicates he would consult with tribes on major issues and likely appoint officials favorable to native interests.

Biden has a long history of working on Native American issues,

both as vice president and as former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

His most direct work affecting Native Americans has been on the Violence Against Women Act provisions,

dealing with tribal jurisdiction and on the application of the death penalty on Indian reservations.

Biden has received high marks from tribal leaders on these issues.

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Counting TITA

It was only a matter of time before JCM and CountR teamed up.

CountR has steadily advanced its TITA system the past couple of years, gaining traction for the table games payment solution that allows for TITO and point-of-sale transactions.

JCM, via bill validators, printers and Fuzion technology, elevated the functionality of TITO to the realm of promotional tickets, race and sports tickets, lottery tickets and tax forms.

The movements of each company, tracked over different routes in the past couple of years, reached fruition in the fourth quarter.

Under its Master Distribution agreement, launched in time for the high-profile G2E 2019, JCM will distribute CountR’s TITA system throughout North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

The TITA system enables TITO transactions at the table game where a TITO ticket is issued to a player in exchange for their chips.

Players can redeem their TITO ticket at any redemption kiosk, or move freely from table games to slots or from slots to table games with their TITO ticket.

Counting TITA One of JCM’s latest catalysts is the MRX bill validator (right).

It reads two notes/TITO tickets per second, bringing the fastest bill validation solution to table games, company officials say.

Product features include a bulk note feeder/payout component enabling a single-note feed and bulk-note payout up to 15 notes.

A bulk-note feed model also is available. MRX includes a multi-note escrow capacity. A 15-note escrow returns the same notes when a transaction is canceled.

The on-site module replacement minimizes machine down time.

There is a 2,200 note-collection cassette and a retrieval bin.

Unremoved banknotes can be retrieved into an independent bin, keeping the machine running.

The MRX can be upgraded to include JCM’s Intelligent Cash Box (ICB) system to provide the highest level of accounting.

CountR also marches independently with CATA, a micro card redemption machine for card redemption and charging at table games.

Counting TITA Card-based techniques are dominating slot machine gaming today.

The next step of optimization is made by reducing action steps for players on table games.

With the CATA device installed at a table game, casinos can validate cards and display their amount, accept cards at a table game to be partly exchanged for chips and charge cards in exchange for chips.

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at home with Kwes

When the Olympics left town after the greatest two weeks known to man, Stratford and its surrounding areas returned to their natural, unglamorous states of being at an alarming, Team GB rate. All the flags and Disneyland cheer, they vanished with Lord Coe’s pink and orange army of life-dopers; brutalist tower blocks, marshy mudflats and the one-time futuristic Docklands Light Railway remain. South of the Olympic Park, as far
as the Thames, is a quayside community happily of its own world, perhaps even oblivious to the events of last year.

Kwes featured on the front cover of Loud And Quiet in January 2012, having just signed to Warp Records. It sounded like a debut album was finally on its way, three years on from the Lewisham-born producer’s debut
single, but “headspace issues” have kept us waiting another 20 months for ‘iLP’, out, one hundred percent,

on October 14. This time it’s definitely happening, and when we arrive at his shipping container his label Publicist presents him with finished copies on CD and vinyl.

Kwes is a little overwhelmed at the gifts as he invites us into the place where he recorded this album that combines shifty bedroom RnB, DIY soul and purposely ropey electro pop, but he’s noticeably more
confident than he was in late 2011, joking frequently.

He doesn’t even hate singing anymore, which was
something of a necessary evil a couple of years ago.

Kwes featured on the front cover of Loud And Quiet in January 2012, having just signed to Warp Records.

It sounded like a debut album was finally on its way, three
years on from the Lewisham-born producer’s debut single, but “headspace issues” have kept us waiting another 20 months for ‘iLP’, out, one hundred percent, on October 14. This time it’s definitely happening, and
when we arrive at his shipping container his label Publicist presents him with finished copies on CD and vinyl.

Kwes is a little overwhelmed at the gifts as he invites us into the place where he recorded this album that combines shifty bedroom RnB, DIY soul and purposely ropey electro pop, but he’s noticeably more confident than he was in late 2011, joking frequently.

He doesn’t even hate singing anymore, which was something of a necessary evil a couple of years ago.

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payments provide

It is a massive influence in Indian Country, and not in a good way

American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA) meeting April 14-16 in Portland, Oregon.

“Do per-capita payments provide needed support and help build a local economy or do they undermine culture and tradition by servicing individuals over the community and providing cash payments in lieu of jobs?” the conference agenda states.

“With the benefit a few decades of experience and hindsight, our panelists will explore the often-contentious issue of distributing revenue to members/citizens.

” NAFOA Executive Director Dante Desiderio, a Sappony citizen, said the per-capita discussion “should be brought out in the open for leadership to discuss and work together toward a balanced stewardship of a healthy and sustained government while meeting citizen interests.”

But the session will be closed to the press.

payments provide “That’s how sensitive this is,” says a tribal official who requested anonymity.

“Tribal leaders know they need to talk about it.

They’re happy NAFOA is taking it up.

 It’s an issue we need to address. But it needs to be discussed in private.” “It’s a very complicated issue,” says Rosebud Sioux Joe Valandra, managing director of VAdvisors and former NIGC chief of staff. “And it becomes very emotional.”

Per-capita Politics and Policy The emergence of tribal gambling has provided Indian communities with discretionary income, many for the first time in their history.

It also has created the need to make major government and public policy decisions. For example, should casino revenue be used for the welfare of the entire community,

payments provide building governmental infrastructure, launching business enterprises and providing health care, housing and social services? Or should the funds go to individual families who are most in need?

 About 40 percent of indigenous Americans live on economically depressed reservations where poverty is rampant and unemployment can range from 40 percent to 60 percent or higher.

“Per-capita payments help citizens meet urgent needs.

Many reservation populations are poor, and individuals and families are chronically short of cash,”

wrote the Native Nations Institute and the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development in a 2007 policy paper.

But “channeling all tribal revenues into tribal government encourages the idea that it is the government’s job to provide for all the needs of its citizens—a form of dependency,” the report goes on to say.

“Tribal citizens are shareholders in the tribal estate.

This is their money.

It should be given to them.”

payments provide Others argue that jobs, housing,

education and health care are items most aptly provided by well-funded and administered tribal government programs.

“Per-capita payments draw away resources that should be invested in such services, making it harder to provide them to citizens,” Harvard researchers say.

The per-capita inequality is glaring. Although most tribes keep their financial information a closely guarded secret, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux per-capita is believed to be approaching $1 million a year. Meanwhile,

the Blackfeet Nation in Montana sets aside a $75 per-capita payment at Christmas for its 17,000 members to buy presents without going into debt.

The roughly 16,000 members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee receive about $12,000 a year.

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, with about 11,000 members, limit per-capita in their tribal-state compact to $1,000 per year.

Disbursements To Minors Per-capita payments to minors are generally held in trust until the child reaches the age of 18.

Depending on the tribe and amount of per-capita, the person could at that age collect a sizable sum.

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Gentle Persuasion

• Executive Director of Regional Premium Account Management, Marina Bay Sands

Elaine Ho is a diplomat and a detective, a strategist and a psychologist, a counselor and occasionally a confessor.

Ho is executive director of regional premium account management-Asia at Marina Bay Sands—in other words, a bill collector.

In most cases, Ho uses tact and finesse to get past-due high-value clients to pay up.

“My boss taught me that people need to feel good about paying you,” says Ho, who’s based in Singapore and also oversees collections in Macau.

“I didn’t understand it at first, but it’s so true. This may be a returning customer who’s having a down time. He may want you to understand and listen to his problems.

Six months down the road, when he’s happy, he remembers you. He remembers that even though he owed you money, you didn’t treat him like a criminal.”

Born in Malaysia and educated in the U.K., Ho is a former barrister who joined MBS as part of the legal team.

Five years later, at the urging of Christopher Melton, senior VP of global collections for the Las Vegas Sands Corp., she took “a giant leap of faith” to cross over to the casino side.

She’s become an expert at the sensitive, cross-cultural relationship-building that’s critical to her job.

“Different patrons of different nationalities in different jurisdictions require different approaches.

Chinese patrons, for example, will talk to you about the balance they owe, but it can be very difficult when it comes to funds transfers (from China).

Gentle Persuasion Elaine Ho Then we have Japanese patrons.

I learned you have to go to dinner with those patrons and not talk about the debt. And they will somehow pay some of the balance.”

She recalls one customer in financial straits who described himself to her as “a wounded dragon,” but promised he would make good when he was able.

With tact and understanding, Ho was able to retain that patron’s long-term loyalty.

Gentle Persuasion Elaine Ho “He thanked me for my patience,” she says. Legal action is a last resort.

“Many of these patrons are high-caliber,” says Ho. “Some are rich and famous.

If you sue, the casino doesn’t look good. Most of the time if you call them, you find they overlooked the balance, or were unhappy about something—a misunderstanding with a host or a bad F&B experience.”

Ho calls the MBS legal department her university, and its executives her mentors.

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Athens Polytechnic

In a vast six-bedroom house in Lewisham, five guys in their
early twenties are shuffling around looking for enough mugs
for a tea round.
As far as students go, they submit to
stereotype in their dimly lit, cluttered dwelling with beer
cans scattered around the drum kit, amps and wires that are
sprawled across the floor.

The search is successful for all but one so Tommy Simpson, one of the
frontmen of this dual-vocal quintet, resorts to a washed out
tin can with a tea towel wrapped
around it.

Having migrated to London from all corners of the country,
the guys eventually met through a political direct action group
at university. Polytechnic

“Just sticking it to the man,” Simpson smiles. But
it was while occupying Deptford Town Hall, part of the grounds
of Goldsmiths College, for two days during the Gaza war that
they really got to know each other.

“Because we had to spend every waking moment together,”
Rory Porter, the other singer of the band informs us

“we decided we may as well spend every waking moment together drunk; it
was an intense bonding experience.

And we wrote a chant
and that became pretty much our first song.Polytechnic

” Everyone laughs at the in-joke and I can’t resist
asking what it was.

“It was about scholarships for the Palestinian students to the tune
of ‘Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit’ by Gina G.” And then they all
erupt in laughter again before singing it. Polytechnic

“Because everyone’s so wary of everyone else’s ego,” Porter
defends “you can’t ever call it a bit shit, you’ve just gotta
make incremental changes. Polytechnic

We started jamming them out
recently but it’s really frustrating because it’s hours
and hours of going, ‘No, that bit.

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NOVOMATIC Americas celebrates best G2E ever

Shining in the centre of the product presentation was the marvellous Samurai Beauty™ installation with 2×3 V.I.P.

Lounge™ Curve 1.43 cabinets propped against a double-sided 4×3 LED screen video wall featuring game-specific,

celebrates choreographed content for a high-visibility game presentation.

Visitors were stoked not only by the visuals but also by the smooth gameplay of the gripping new,

Asian-themed linked progressive that was presented with a photo booth featuring two real-life Samurai Beauties plus some befitting stage props.

Venturing deeper into the NOVOMATIC booth, visitors discovered more linked progressives for the US market:

celebrates the MONEY PARTY™ Link featuring titles Fruity Fruity™ and Juicy Juicy™ as well as the THUNDER CASH™ Link,

already a highlight in a growing number of US casinos. The PAY DAY™ Progressives series was extended with a fourth title, PAY DAY™ Plus which premiered at the show,

adding a classic, straightforward version with thrilling multiplier bonus features to the set.

US Commercial, Tribal and VGT operators were treated to a broad suite of products and award-winning technology to boost their operations: games and game

mixes, progressive jackpots, sports betting kiosks, system solutions and ETGs were on full display at G2E 2019.

Located in the centre of the NOVOMATIC booth was an authentic sports lounge, featuring

the NOVOMATIC ActionBook™ self-service sports betting kiosk – a hit product for US

casino customers inclined to integrate a sportsbetting offer in their portfolio using a self-service terminal that fulfils the highest casino standards in terms of security, maintenance and style.

Especially for the VGT markets in Illinois and Pennsylvania,

new mixes were on display – and the modular myACP casino management system showcased new player recognition modules for VGT operators in Illinois, including

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Casino Slot Machine

Tribes Caught by Surprise

It’s been more than three years since.

BGC chief Robert Lytle brought down a web of political corruption and official misconduct on the state and its regulatory system.

Lytle in December 2014 was charged in a formal accusation by the state Attorney General’s Office with violating conflict of interest and confidentiality laws in connection with his consulting work for a card room targeted in a $119 million skimming investigation.

It was also disclosed that Lytle, later stripped of his card-room ownership and consulting licenses, issued an opinion letter days before retiring from the BGC in 2007.

That the player/dealer position in California/Asian games needed not be rotated, but merely offered each player at the table.

The Lytle opinion, which meant untold millions of dollars to the card rooms, angered the tribes.

The AG would later rescind the opinion, but it remains a guiding directive for much of the industry.

Tribes Caught by Surprise Meanwhile, card rooms in the Los Angeles area began stopping the collection fees in California/Asian games, clear evidence they were profiting off TPPPs in apparent violation of state law.

Although long suspicious the BGC exhibited a sympathetic bias toward the card rooms, the tribes were nonetheless not at all concerned with the industry’s evolution toward banked games.

They made light of the industry’s inability to control its internal operations and the GCC and BGC’s failure to regulate and enforce gambling laws.

“The tribes kept their eye off things for a few years,” says a tribal regulator who trained BGC agents. “The card rooms weren’t a threat.

We didn’t pay any attention them.

“So the card rooms kept pushing the rules. Nobody was interested in tangling with the card rooms because it wasn’t worth the time, and they had all these campaign contributions going to the state.

“Then all of a sudden you have all these violations of the rules and regulations. Then the Lytle thing flares up.

Then the card rooms stop taking the collection fees, which is supposed to be their only legal source of income.”

Tribes Caught by Surprise Cutting into the tribes’ market of high-end table game players was the proverbial straw.

The play at the tables for some Indian casinos amounts to 10 percent or more of gross revenues.

And unraveling the morass that is the California gambling regulatory system won’t be an easy task.

It will certainly make sports betting, internet gambling, online poker and DFS a quandary for both stakeholders and state officials.

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