Ontario 2019: Online Gaming

Ontario 2019: Online Gaming, Alcohol and Cannabis From cultural conservatism to permissive next-door neighbor: Is this the new Canada?

Canada has long been seen as the conservative cousin of the U.S., staid and dull.

This view was best exemplified in the 1980s when New Republic Editor Michael Kinsley said the most boring newspaper headline in world history would be “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.”

Is Canada experiencing a reputational shift? Let’s look at key highlights of the Ontario budget, with its overarching theme of trusting adult consumers to make responsible choices in their indulgences.

Gaming The budget suggests that the Ontario government intends to establish a competitive market for online gaming.

This would ensure that players in Canada’s largest province have access to safe gambling options.

To carry out this mandate, the province will consult with key stakeholders to develop a market that reflects consumer choice while creating an exciting gaming experience.

The monopoly mandated by Canada’s criminal code only permits provincial governments to “conduct and manage” gaming.

Ontario 2019: Online Gaming The budget is therefore likely considering a request-for-proposal model for operators when it refers to a “competitive online gambling regime.”

Dirk Whitebreast faced a turning point in 2003, one borne of tragedy. His 18-year-old sister, Darcy Jo Keahna, committed suicide.

Whitebreast returned to his Iowa hometown of Tama, ready to turn his life around to honor his sibling.

“The day that I got the phone call about my sister was the last time I touched alcohol,” he says.

Whitebreast got work with the Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel. He went from players club to surveillance to a supervisory role to marketing, the latter stemming from his successful bid to win a seat on the tribal council in 2009.

“My public relations, communications and campaign-building efforts came in handy for the digital media strategist position,” says Whitebreast, who enjoyed marketing and hesitated before submitting a resume for a leadership development program.

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