managing your gaming

When it comes to managing your gaming floor, having timely and accurate information reduces risk and saves time and money.

That’s where IRIS by Kobetron comes in.

IRIS by Kobetron is an all-encompassing enterprise resource planning solution that allows gaming operators to take total control of their gaming floor while optimizing existing information and processes.

More specifically, Kobetron’s IRIS Enterprise solution helps casinos manage their gaming floor operations across single and multiple properties.

By using one feature-rich system with a big-picture view of the business, IRIS Enterprise enables gaming professionals to monitor the gaming floor and view all assets at all properties directly from one system—24/7.

managing your gaming The system displays a shared calendar of all scheduled and completed events,

From RAM clears and conversions to inspections and audits. It even automatically syncs with slot systems, making it easy to identify any discrepancies between what is on your floor and what is in your slot system.

The end result of having this robust system in place is the ability to provide timely and accurate information that will help operators and gaming professionals make better and more informed.

Dusiness decisions. IRIS Enterprise doesn’t just provide inventory information.

The powerful business intelligence system streamlines traditional and manual paper processes by generating easy-to-use and accurate reports, giving you total.

Control of your operation to improve workflows. By using IRIS Enterprise to automatically download independent test lab.

Certification statuses of all components in your jurisdictions, you can avoid fines and fees due to noncompliance.

The system sends notifications of all deliveries, scheduled conversions, moves and removals so your floor is current and compliant.

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