When Modest Mouse released ‘Float On’ many thought they’d
found their new favourite, happy-go-lucky indie band, only
to find out that they’d fallen for an outfit with a dark past.

It might be a similar deal with GROUPLOVE of course, but debut
single ‘Colours’ once again suggests that we’ve come across
a band to cheerily bob about to,

gleefully ignoring the warning signs because their pop music is just so sing-a-ble.

Slightly manic as if close to breakdown, singer Christian even sounds
like Isaac Brock, but if GROUPLOVE can remain demon free,
think just how uplifting an album of ‘Float On’s could be.

But it often dregs up the spectre of grizzled
reformations; garish renaissance tours fuelled by commercial

super groups idly trotting out the line that they
have something to prove other than the ability to meet the
minimum payment on their Amex.

Few bands are arrogant enough to believe they’ll get it
perfect first time but no one wants to hear dead relics
either. When it works perfectly,

we’re left with a spectre and a gnawing sense of conclusion that both thrills and angers at the mere mention of their name; the dormant love re-ignited; a reminder of the power and unrealised potential.

But when that passion is put under needless routine demand, it’s
like any relationship in that respect: you always know when
it’s time to call it a day.

Then again, perhaps I’ve just got commitment issues.

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