Crooks & Lovers

In a year where Skream can have top-ten hits, Burial can feature on Channel 4 idents and teen pop producers are heading ever more
bass-wards, being “dubstep”

carries less of the cultural cool it once had – surely one reason why Mount Kimbie have had so many daft labels pinned on them by critics eager to point out the fine piece of work that is ‘Crooks & Lovers’Crooks .

However, with the benefit of time to digest, another reason might be that for all the “chill-wave”, “glo-fi” and other blog-busting nonsense that has flown about in the past twelve months,

Mount Kimbie’s debut is fascinating precisely because of its slippery relationship with categorisation. Its twists and turns are a feature, not a bug,

and make for an arresting listen: there’s sped-up vocals and
moody field recordings (very dubstep) alongside live instrumentation and moments of spiralling aural bliss (very not);

the record is book-ended by two beautifully homespun tracks, but they sit astride the artificial, the synthetic and the sheeny.

Seldom does a track edge far beyond the four-minute mark; never does one feel overcooked, and the result is serpentine, pleasingly unclassifiable stuff.

y, sepia-tinged family albums, super-slow-motion shots of
raindrops hitting leaves and isolated walks through rain-soaked, neon-lit streets. And while ‘Lucky Shiner’

was an album inspired by familial warmth, it still burned with a theme of beautiful, contented loneliness that permeated throughout; seeping through granular beats and crystalline blankets of melody

“Naturally people are going to say the new album sucks
compared to ‘United by Fate’ and then there’ll be someone in a
chat room who’ll go,

‘No way! This sounds way better’, then someone else will go, ‘You’re a fuck, I hate you’, then the next person is going to say, ‘You’re a fucking racist’, then the next person will be like, ‘Really, Obama sucks.’

“Seriously, I think the album is going to have its champions but if you think about those things, you just can’t control it.

If people say ‘United by Fate’ was the greatest album
ever and it left this unattainable legacy, how can you
make another album? It’d be impossible.”

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