Before USC Village opened, it was already changing lives.
“It’s always going to be here, and I can say I was part of
it,” says Marcellous Bell, a carpenter who started working
at the site in January 2016 and is one of thousands of
local workers who built the complex. Five years ago CONSTRUCTION ,

he couldn’t have imagined being part of such an enormous
project. Back then, he was on a diff erent path. The talented high school
football player had drifted into petty theft and fi ghting, and was once shot
in the back. But he found support from a community group that helped
him turn his life around and fi nd a job at USC Village. CONSTRUCTION “I did a full 180. I’ve
learned stuff here I didn’t even know I could do,” Bell says. With the project
completed, he’s proud of his work. Says Bell: “Someday I can say, ‘I helped
put a roof over your head.’”

Designers drew on colors and textures
inspired by Italian landscapes when they
created USC Village’s interiors. Each building has its own unique
color palette, with fabrics and furnishings
to match. Students’ rooms
were designed with their needs in mind.
First-year students new to college life
live in settings that help them get to know
each other, while upperclassmen have
suites that share a common kitchen.

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