Cinematic Arts

Academic colors, brown for the arts, white for letters.

The eight triangles represent the strength of the individual
disciplines, such as camera, editing, sound, graphics, writing, history, criticism and aesthetics, that form the larger discipline of cinematic arts.

When combined, they form an iris, and in the center is the human eye, which represents the human mediation essential to the discipline.

Communication and

Academic colors, crimson for communication, white for journalism. The three roundels, interconnected by arrows pointing in both directions,
are here used to symbolize the fact that all communication
has a threefold aspect — communicator, audience and medium — all of which are involved in the interplay and sharing of a message.

Social Work

Academic color, citron. As symbolized by the individual reaching out to the globe with outstretched arms, social work by its very nature is about
embracing our connections as human beings and inspiring
the spirit of compassion and mutual respect that assists
individuals and communities in reaching their full potential.


Academic colors, brown for the arts, white for letters. The
masks of comedy and tragedy, arranged to face each other,
provide in the space between them a chalice, recalling the
Chalice of Dionysus and the ancient tradition that actors
were referred to as the “craftsmen of Dionysus.


Academic color, green. The staff of Aesculapius, the Roman
god of medicine, around which is entwined the harmless snake
beloved of Aesculapius, has been the symbol of medicine for many centuries.

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