Athens Polytechnic

In a vast six-bedroom house in Lewisham, five guys in their
early twenties are shuffling around looking for enough mugs
for a tea round.
As far as students go, they submit to
stereotype in their dimly lit, cluttered dwelling with beer
cans scattered around the drum kit, amps and wires that are
sprawled across the floor.

The search is successful for all but one so Tommy Simpson, one of the
frontmen of this dual-vocal quintet, resorts to a washed out
tin can with a tea towel wrapped
around it.

Having migrated to London from all corners of the country,
the guys eventually met through a political direct action group
at university. Polytechnic

“Just sticking it to the man,” Simpson smiles. But
it was while occupying Deptford Town Hall, part of the grounds
of Goldsmiths College, for two days during the Gaza war that
they really got to know each other.

“Because we had to spend every waking moment together,”
Rory Porter, the other singer of the band informs us

“we decided we may as well spend every waking moment together drunk; it
was an intense bonding experience.

And we wrote a chant
and that became pretty much our first song.Polytechnic

” Everyone laughs at the in-joke and I can’t resist
asking what it was.

“It was about scholarships for the Palestinian students to the tune
of ‘Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit’ by Gina G.” And then they all
erupt in laughter again before singing it. Polytechnic

“Because everyone’s so wary of everyone else’s ego,” Porter
defends “you can’t ever call it a bit shit, you’ve just gotta
make incremental changes. Polytechnic

We started jamming them out
recently but it’s really frustrating because it’s hours
and hours of going, ‘No, that bit.

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