Turning On

‘Turning On’ is a record that fizzled and sparked when you put it on your stereo.

It was lively, enigmatic and youthful, and the best bit is that it just seemed to come from nowhere.

We now know that nowhere was the bedroom of eighteen-year-old Dylan Baldi and that it was a record that captured the agitated and accelerative manner that most eighteen-yearolds can only apply to girls or getting drunk.

It was a ramshackle collection (essentially demos) but even under the grain, under the dirt of the fingernails, was glistening and
gleaming pop nuggets of gold.

‘Turning On’ seemed to seamlessly co-exist between these
two outlets and as a result it was utterly charming, scrappy and catchy all in equal abundant share.

The youth it both represented and presented was a vital and much needed
injection that resulted in a genuine sense of excitement and giddiness, and by doing so it had the intended effect,

leaving you feeling young, frivolous and care-free, and for those forty minutes that’s a wonderful feeling to experience. DDW

“All of it was different,” Walter states. “We had to get
all that back in place. From our perspective of just making the
music, we were on point. We had all the music ready but
everything else is important too.

How do you deliver it to people? We can’t control all of
that aspect… The last record we put out was nine/ten years ago
and we had to sort of figure out what’s the best way to put a
record out these days?”

“We had no producer and had to figure everything out ourselves and find the right way for us,” adds Ian. “And it was good to do it like that. It
might have taken an extra year…” “…But it’s a totally
different world,” Walter confirms.

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