Tech On The Horizon: Introducing Addison

Picture this.

Returning home from your morning walk, your assistant Addison greets you by name in her familiar voice.

You check the clock, trying to remember if you took your medication. Rather than count pills or guess, you simply ask Addison, who confirms that you did.

You’ve been feeling a little light-headed, so you ask her to help you take your blood pressure. Fortunately, it’s normal.

Perhaps you’re simply hungry.

Addison suggests a healthy recipe you might want to prepare for lunch.

You’ve considered adding some stretching to your fitness routine.

Addison offers to demonstrate some appropriate exercises, and the two of you do them together.

With her pleasant demeanor and helpful attitude, Addison is a wonderful companion in your home.

What’s truly remarkable, however, is that she’s a virtual one. While this scenario might sound like science fiction, one American company is on the verge of making it a reality.

 “We spent 10 years and millions of dollars just for this point in time,” said Joe Baffoe, president of Electronic Caregiver, Inc.

“We did everything we possibly could because we believe in allowing people to thrive in their own homes where they want to stay.”

Addison Care, a state-of-the-art, 3D animated virtual caregiver, is just about ready to hit the market.

Baffoe believes his company’s product will change the face of healthcare forever.

The voice-activated, Bluetooth-connected digital companion has the potential to transform a residence into a “Smart Health Home,” providing chronic care management, rehabilitation, behavioral health and care coordination.

For seniors, Addison just might be the high-tech answer for successfully “aging in place.”

 Addison is designed to fill in the gaps when caregivers aren’t in the home.

When installed she appears on 15-inch touch screen monitors strategically placed throughout the residence. Using an array of technologies including conversational speech,

Augmented Reality (AR), Bluetooth, cellular and internet,

Addison supplements care and provides numerous health and safety features. She can engage in two-way conversations,

check vitals (blood pressure, weight, blood glucose,

respiratory performance, pulse, blood oxygen levels and body temperature), provide medication reminders and connect with medical professionals.

She can even help you with your diet and provide rehab and fitness routines.

In addition to assisting with routine aspects of health maintenance and care, Addison is equipped with technology that could prove useful in emergencies.

Addison can access emergency response personnel, physicians or human caregivers by the touch of a button or through a voice command.

She’s also capable of motion tracking for gait, balance and fall risk.

According to her developers, Addison is also HIPAA compliant for patient privacy protection and compatible with Electronic Medical Record systems.

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