Casino Slot Machine


Much of the focus on chairs in a casino environment relates to slot machines because slots generate the most revenue. But chairs have their own affinity with certain table games, notably blackjack.

Patrons still stand while playing craps and to an extent, roulette. And for good reason. “Mostly this is because of practical concerns.

TablesandSeating Placing bets in roulette would have players standing anyway, and shooting dice while sitting down would take much of the excitement out of craps,” Schwartz says.

Chairs for blackjack tables need to be solid, having a firm center of gravity, while being easy to slide into position and be very comfortable, Alvarado says.

Blackjack is more of a social game, with more interactions between players that can have an effect on play, Keranen says.

“Think about when someone wins a jackpot on a slot machine; people stop and think, ‘Wow, that’s cool. Hope I win like that!’ Compare this to table games: ‘Look, we are all winning. Keep this streak alive.’

That drives other players to want to come join, hence, more seats are needed around the table for one game,” he says. Blackjack players stay and play hour after hour, Corrick says. “If they aren’t comfortable or experience discomfort in their legs or body, they leave.

TablesandSeating Sitting in an uncomfortable chair leaves you feeling physically exhausted; you constantly move your legs, hips and back to make yourself more comfortable.” There’s that word again. Comfort.

Chair design differs when it comes to table games.

Ongoing development of proper ergonomics based on posture of the player is a focus, specifically with table game patrons, as they tend to sit differently than slot players, Weiss says.

“We often see table game players leaning forward, whereas, a slot player is more likely to be leaning against the chair back,” he says.

As designers studied table games, they found that chairs needed to add different heights to ensure the participant is at the optimum height, Corrick says. “The result is much less fatigue to a player’s body or arms. Our research has also led us to create chairs with specialized lumbar sup

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