Way back in March, I doled out my first ever 10 out of 10 review in a literary display of effusive,

gushing, fan-boy praise for Dan Snaith, Caribou and, particularly, ‘Swim’.

So, if you happened to read it, and loathe every superlative-laden word then,

it’s advisable to look away now because everything that made
‘Swim’ ambitious, intriguing and ultimately brilliant then has had a few months to manifest.

Needless to say, it’s made ‘Swim’ pretty vital. This was the album where Snaith reined himself in, compromising himself with a simple doctrine of keeping it lean and clean.

Where the previous ‘Andorra’ was bold and ostentatious, ‘Swim’ was contained and regimented; a filtered redux of Caribou’s

trademark ambition. Except it wasn’t; ambition was at the album’s core and Snaith wasn’t content to just let his tracks aimlessly wander
(much), he wanted purpose and, dare we say it,

a disciplined narrative. ‘Swim’ was an album born of consideration and contemplation, masterminded by its author’s intelligent design to make it both potently mesmeric on record but flexible

enough to allow Snaith to realise and unleash the explosive potential that makes a Caribou live set so invigorating.

It glorified the focused, economic and efficient qualities Snaith so desperately wanted to instil, and while it’s an album that doesn’t possess that sonic killer blow, the threat to do so was deliciously always there.

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