Cinematic Arts

Academic colors, brown for the arts, white for letters.

The eight triangles represent the strength of the individual
disciplines, such as camera, editing, sound, graphics, writing, history, criticism and aesthetics, that form the larger discipline of cinematic arts.

When combined, they form an iris, and in the center is the human eye, which represents the human mediation essential to the discipline.

Communication and

Academic colors, crimson for communication, white for journalism. The three roundels, interconnected by arrows pointing in both directions,
are here used to symbolize the fact that all communication
has a threefold aspect — communicator, audience and medium — all of which are involved in the interplay and sharing of a message.

Social Work

Academic color, citron. As symbolized by the individual reaching out to the globe with outstretched arms, social work by its very nature is about
embracing our connections as human beings and inspiring
the spirit of compassion and mutual respect that assists
individuals and communities in reaching their full potential.


Academic colors, brown for the arts, white for letters. The
masks of comedy and tragedy, arranged to face each other,
provide in the space between them a chalice, recalling the
Chalice of Dionysus and the ancient tradition that actors
were referred to as the “craftsmen of Dionysus.


Academic color, green. The staff of Aesculapius, the Roman
god of medicine, around which is entwined the harmless snake
beloved of Aesculapius, has been the symbol of medicine for many centuries.

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managing your gaming

When it comes to managing your gaming floor, having timely and accurate information reduces risk and saves time and money.

That’s where IRIS by Kobetron comes in.

IRIS by Kobetron is an all-encompassing enterprise resource planning solution that allows gaming operators to take total control of their gaming floor while optimizing existing information and processes.

More specifically, Kobetron’s IRIS Enterprise solution helps casinos manage their gaming floor operations across single and multiple properties.

By using one feature-rich system with a big-picture view of the business, IRIS Enterprise enables gaming professionals to monitor the gaming floor and view all assets at all properties directly from one system—24/7.

managing your gaming The system displays a shared calendar of all scheduled and completed events,

From RAM clears and conversions to inspections and audits. It even automatically syncs with slot systems, making it easy to identify any discrepancies between what is on your floor and what is in your slot system.

The end result of having this robust system in place is the ability to provide timely and accurate information that will help operators and gaming professionals make better and more informed.

Dusiness decisions. IRIS Enterprise doesn’t just provide inventory information.

The powerful business intelligence system streamlines traditional and manual paper processes by generating easy-to-use and accurate reports, giving you total.

Control of your operation to improve workflows. By using IRIS Enterprise to automatically download independent test lab.

Certification statuses of all components in your jurisdictions, you can avoid fines and fees due to noncompliance.

The system sends notifications of all deliveries, scheduled conversions, moves and removals so your floor is current and compliant.

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Casino หวยหุ้น


BOOTH 3659 I GT will present a diverse range of gaming solutions within its G2E booth 3659, including a portfolio of best-in-class casino systems products.

One of many standout systems products is IGT’s M5.

Building on the success of IGT’s Media Manager, M5 is IGT’s latest version of the proven media display solution.

M5 enables operators to leverage a slot machine’s Service Window to showcase bonuses,

loyalty programs and promotions, and to give players access to a variety of options such as booking a dining reservation, ordering a drink and more.

Currently deployed at multiple casinos throughout the U.S. including Las Vegas-based Station.

M5 INTERNATIONAL GAME TECHNOLOGY Casinos, M5 enables customers to operate exciting floor-wide promotions such as Station Casino’s Big Time Bonus.

Additionally, M5 enables operators to deliver highly personalized player communications and promotions, advertise amenities, and promote property-wide events directly to the player.

M5 is one of the only media management solutions that offers a full-screen takeover for an impactful presentation.

M5 is compatible with IGT’s full suite of slot bonuses including player favorites such as Carded Lucky Coin and Random Riches.

Built with HTML 5, M5 gives operators the flexibility to manage all media and monitors from one house-run program. The flexibility and versatility of the solution can lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

M5 INTERNATIONAL GAME TECHNOLOGY This technology also enables casino operators to build a casino

Promotion once, and utilize it across all compatible channels and with a consistent user experience.

M5 enhances the player experience, too.

Rather than interrupting a play session, it enables players at M5-equipped slot machines to manage.

Conveniences such as making reservations, booking a hotel room, ordering a drink and more on screen, while they continue to enjoy what matters most—the game.

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Ontario 2019: Online Gaming

Ontario 2019: Online Gaming, Alcohol and Cannabis From cultural conservatism to permissive next-door neighbor: Is this the new Canada?

Canada has long been seen as the conservative cousin of the U.S., staid and dull.

This view was best exemplified in the 1980s when New Republic Editor Michael Kinsley said the most boring newspaper headline in world history would be “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.”

Is Canada experiencing a reputational shift? Let’s look at key highlights of the Ontario budget, with its overarching theme of trusting adult consumers to make responsible choices in their indulgences.

Gaming The budget suggests that the Ontario government intends to establish a competitive market for online gaming.

This would ensure that players in Canada’s largest province have access to safe gambling options.

To carry out this mandate, the province will consult with key stakeholders to develop a market that reflects consumer choice while creating an exciting gaming experience.

The monopoly mandated by Canada’s criminal code only permits provincial governments to “conduct and manage” gaming.

Ontario 2019: Online Gaming The budget is therefore likely considering a request-for-proposal model for operators when it refers to a “competitive online gambling regime.”

Dirk Whitebreast faced a turning point in 2003, one borne of tragedy. His 18-year-old sister, Darcy Jo Keahna, committed suicide.

Whitebreast returned to his Iowa hometown of Tama, ready to turn his life around to honor his sibling.

“The day that I got the phone call about my sister was the last time I touched alcohol,” he says.

Whitebreast got work with the Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel. He went from players club to surveillance to a supervisory role to marketing, the latter stemming from his successful bid to win a seat on the tribal council in 2009.

“My public relations, communications and campaign-building efforts came in handy for the digital media strategist position,” says Whitebreast, who enjoyed marketing and hesitated before submitting a resume for a leadership development program.

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million rebrand

Jamie Queen joins Buzz Bingo as Chief Commercial Officer

Jamie Queen has joined Buzz Bingo in the newlycreated role of Chief Commercial Officer.

million rebrand with responsibility for all aspects of the group’s marketing across all territories.

Buzz currently has a nationwide network of 119 bingo clubs.

In his new role Jamie will oversee all marketing communications for the brand, as well as its food and beverage operations,

million rebrand gaming and bingo propositions, and will report directly to CEO, Chris Matthews, incoming Chair of The Bingo Association.

Prior to joining Buzz, Jamie was Group Marketing Director for Thomas Cook Group,

with responsibility for all aspects of the group’s marketing across all territories.

his interest in disruptive innovation and his ability to harness the latest technology

before then becoming Group Marketing Director.

Prior to Thomas Cook, Jamie has held roles within marketing, e-commerce and digital areas across a number of household brands including The AA, Saga Group and Budget Insurance.

Chris Matthews, CEO of Buzz Bingo said, “Jamie impressed us with his passion for understanding what drives customer behaviour,

his interest in disruptive innovation and his ability to harness the latest technology. 

He has an excellent track-record in managing businesses across digital and retail platforms.

“At a time when Buzz is going through rapid change and exciting development,

we are extremely positive about what Jamie will bring to both the executive management team and the organisation as a whole.”

Carlton Bingo is one of the UK’s leading independent licensed bingo operators and the largest in Scotland,

with twelve clubs

located in Buckie, Dalkeith, Dunfermline, Dumbarton, East Kilbride, Elgin, Fraserburgh, Inverness, Livingston,

Partick, Stirling and Whitley Bay.

The company was formed in 1998 when Peter Perrins, George Carter, Brian King and Chris Barr bought out the bingo interests of Taylor Clark Limited.

The out-of-town club set a new standard for bingo venues and opened to great acclaim, offering outstanding food and beverage offerings,

through continually developing its customer offering (games, food, drinks) and its venues: having successfully renovated their Stirling club last year to great effect,

this year they set their sights on Dunfermline.

Carlton Dunfermline opened in 2005 and was the first purpose built Carlton club. 

Located on Fife Leisure Park the club was in a new location, having previously been at The Alhambra, in Canmore Street.

The out-of-town club set a new standard for bingo venues and opened to great acclaim, offering outstanding food and beverage offerings,

luxury comfort seating and stunning computer controlled lighting system

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While many dramatic arts graduates choose careers on stage and
screen, their technical training is also great preparation for a
variety of careers beyond acting. Stephen D. Wilson MFA ’89 uses
his acting education every day… just not in front of a camera.
Two decades ago, he earned an MFA in acting at USC, learning
from such professors as Charles Macaulay and Sharon Carnicke.
In L.A. he also studied with legendary teachers Stella Adler and
Joanne Linville, acting alongside then-unknown actors like

Five years later he reconsidered his career path. Inspired
by his grandfather’s experiences as a trial lawyer and judge
in West Virginia, Wilson went to law school. Today he’s a trial
lawyer in Dallas and east Texas, handling civil litigation cases
for businesses.STORY TELLING

The most obvious application of his acting degree is in the
courtroom, where he narrates stories for judge and jury. His
storytelling chops come in handy there—projecting, timing,
emoting—but so does his study of scripts.
“In screenwriting, you don’t want to preach the movie’s message
into people, you just want to tell a story and tell it so well that
they take that message out of it,” he says. “When you’re putting
your points across at trial, a lot of times you don’t state the conclusion. You just leave it, and the jury comes to that conclusion
on their own. It’s more believable to them if they discover it

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SUZOHAPP will be exhibiting at ICE London, the premier gaming technology exhibition for industry professionals.  This year’s event takes place at the ExCel Center in London from February 4-6. 

Visitors will find SUZOHAPP at booth

At ICE, SUZOHAPP will be showcasing the most complete range of components on the market today, including monitors, locks, printers, scanners, bill and coin handling, cabinet parts, and more. 

A key player in the Gaming industry for decades, SUZOHAPP uses its deep expertise and strong engineering team to deliver technological innovations.

 that add significant value to its customers. One such innovation is the new VisionPro™ line of LCD monitors which now includes edge-lit and 4K UHD models,

narrow border touch and ThruGlass capabilities, allowing touchscreens to work through 9mm of tempered glass.  Also on display will be the new dropin replacement E-PRL electronic

reprogrammable lock which enables remote authorization, traceability, and the benefit of never again needing to change locks when a key is lost or an employee dismissed.

The Dynamic Panel Systems (DPS) feature the latest innovations in player interfaces,

offering all the adaptability of touch screens while maintaining the satisfying feel of mechanical pushbuttons that keeps users engaged. These are only a few of the many new products to be displayed at ICE.

”The depth and breadth of our product line is unmatched – we can provide every component operators

and gaming OEMs need to run their businesses efficiently,

” said Mike Sigona, SUZOHAPP’s Business Development and Global Gaming Product Manager. 

”Even more, we deliver the kind of value-added innovation that our customers can use to drive demand for their offerings.”

Also at ICE, SUZOHAPP will display its new, award-winning Components website which offers comprehensive product information,

organized in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate format.

“Our goal at SUZOHAPP is to simplify the sourcing process for our customers,” said Sim Bielak, SUZOHAPP’s President of Global Gaming & Amusement. 

“This new website advances our goal by giving our customers easy access to the product information they need when they need it.”

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Casino Slot Machine


Scientific Games understands the importance of loyalty,

Player Boutique SCIENTIFIC GAMES Player Boutique Lite is a system-agnostic version, which allows casinos on other core systems to harness the power of Amazon fulfillment services.

Casinos are given a unique web portal for their players to access for redemption via the web or mobile device. Casinos will have full access to Amazon’s complete inventory and Prime delivery services.

Qualified players are able to visually see their progress towards gifts via a progress bar, which displays during the promotional period directly at the iVIEW 4.

Gifts selected through Player Boutique are quickly and seamlessly delivered directly to the player’s designated address in only two days utilizing proprietary capabilities developed by Scientific Games and Initial Rewards Technology, fulfilled by Amazon (AWS).

No longer will patrons need to stand in long lines only to find out that the property has run out of stock.

Casinos will have access to over 1.8 million items via Amazon with real-time inventory availability, and they will have the support of a 24/7 customer service team.

• Amazon Two-Day Prime delivery

• Reduce or eliminate all inventory

• Multiple gift selections per promotion

• Over 1.8 million prize options available

• No rainchecks or overstock issues

Player Boutique SCIENTIFIC GAMES Player Boutique Lite is a system-agnostic version, which allows casinos on other core systems to harness the power of Amazon fulfillment services.

Casinos are given a unique web portal for their players to access for redemption via the web or mobile device. Casinos will have full access to Amazon’s complete inventory and Prime delivery services.

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Casino Slot Machine

Doubt Me. Please!

Adam Wexler

CEO, Performance Predictions

Adam Wexler has always operated by the motto, “Doubt me, please do.”

Early in his career, he fed off hearing from those who didn’t believe his hard work and late nights would pay off, constantly challenging himself to quiet the doubters by working harder, learning what he could from any failure, and applying the lessons he learned to each new endeavor.

He now enjoys hearing words like “resilient” or “does not accept no” to describe his execution style.

After graduating from the University of Georgia, Wexler debated whether to pursue a career in either the sports industry or the music industry.

Wexler has been CEO of the business since its origins five years ago.

When looking back on his career, Wexler is most proud of never giving up and maintaining his entrepreneurial beliefs even when things looked bleak.

His decision to remain on the entrepreneurial path was the biggest one he’s made in his life.

Doubt Me. Please! Through it all, Wexler learned that the success of any company starts with its culture.

After graduating from the University of Georgia, Wexler debated whether to pursue a career in either the sports industry or the music industry.

He believes it is the most important and biggest competitive advantage an organization can have, and hopes that this mentality is leaving an indelible impression on the PrizePicks team.

It was here she met Josh Swissman. “He was the first person in the gaming industry that took a chance on me,” Rankin says. “Throughout my career he has been the single most influential person. He invested his own time and effort in my learning and growth.”

Each member of the Swissman team met with Rankin weekly for updates.

“Yet he insisted we come prepared with questions whether they related to work or personal.

I learned casino analytics, staffing, yielding and so much more working alongside Josh,” she says.

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Casino หวยหุ้น

Nobody makes more

Nobody makes more game parts than SUZOHAPP, founded

Fresh off the ICE show in London,

SUZOHAPP had a wealth of new technology to showcase, which it does in this conversation with Damien Connelly.

The natural choice With sports betting on the upswing, this is a

particularly opportune time for technology companies to turn their attention to that sector and capitalize upon it.

 As company President Sim Bielak says,

The natural choice it’s a very exciting time.” SUZOHAPP was ready with sports-betting terminals and a line of replacement parts.

SUZOHAPP’s focus is happily divided between what’s new and what’s old. In the latter case, retro, reel-spinning slots are making a comeback, something upon which Bielak is poised to capitalize.

As for the new, that would be jurisdictions like Brazil and Ukraine, which have been flirting with casino.

development for some time and seem finally poised to take the plunge.

The natural choice in Technology That’s quite a long way for a company that started out making coin doors for arcade games.

Nobody makes more The natural choice in Technology Bielak brings us up to date on SUZOHAPP’

s new frontiers and what it has to offer a rapidly expanding gaming industry.

How was ICE London 2020?

ICE London was a very successful show for us and was a great

xperience to see what’s new in the industry.

Traditionally, ICE has given us the opportunity to meet with our customers and find out what new projects they’re

working on and showcase solutions that may help them develop new ideas.

What surprised us most this year, however, was the number of new faces at the show. 

The natural choice in Technology With the rise of sports betting, the

gaming industry is growing and evolving rapidly as technology advances to support this new sector.

What were amongst your most popular products at ICE London this year? We have a number of well-known products and brands in the gaming sector.

Our ELO and VisionPro monitors are vey popular, which are our premium products for electronic table games.

Stepper games, otherwise known as mechanical reel games, have renewed appeal as a retro item and are making a comeback.

While digital games are certainly still pushing the boundaries of innovation and looking for new ways to

appeal to customers, the attachment to traditional gaming methods remains strong and we aim to be a primary supplier for that market.

As sports betting is on the rise worldwide, our sports betting terminals and components for these terminals were also of key interest.

Our offering includes a variety of

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