Lovell Walker

transformed the company’s slot business.

He also described the newest product group on the slot side, a variety of signage packages designed for banks of AGS slots, noting that studies have shown a 15 percent to 30 percent jump in revenues when a sign package is used on a slot bank.

Burke also said the company is responding to customer requests to use the math model of the hit dollar giant-format game Colossal Diamonds in new standard-sized dollar games.

On the table side, John Hemberger, senior vice president of table products, conducted several sessions and panels examining the introduction of side bets and progressives such as the hot

AGS product Bonus Spin, which adds a customizable prize wheel to any table.

Game; maximizing profits on low-limit table games; and larger industry issues such as the emergence of electronic table games.

Other highlights of the conference program included a panel discussion by slot executives on “gamblifying the gamer,”

which examined ways casinos can capture the business of the large market of video-game enthusiasts;

the use of social casino apps, and how to maximize player use of them;

the math behind game design; and the use of progressives to raise the hold on table games.

The conference also featured presentations by American Gaming Association President and CEO.

Geoff Freeman and journalist Mike Allen, co-founder and executive editor of the Axios news service and former chief political reporter for Politico.

Freeman gave an update on the industry issues being addressed by the AGA, and the evolution of attitudes toward the gaming industry in the U.S. He said the AGA and its members have come together as an industry in recent years,

meeting challenges such as the IRS proposal to lower the slot win reporting requirement and the call from.

The federal Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for the industry to tighten up anti-money laundering procedures.

In both instances, he said, the industry came together, “shifting to offense” to work with the federal government to achieve solutions to issues.

He went on to outline the AGA’s leadership in the effort to repeal the 25- year-old federal ban on sports betting,

which he predicted will be achieved within the next two to three years.

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