Des Bishop

The Comments Section Square one is just an international flight away – just ask Des Bishop.

Although he was raised Stateside, the 43-year-old lived in Ireland for nearly 30 years of his life.

There, he’s a star of stand-up and screen, having been a part of several notable TV shows and selling out countless tours of the country.

“I definitely learned a lot from being back in the clubs, not doing my own shows,” says Bishop.

“I’m not well-known there at all.

Des Bishop It all changed.

All this stuff about social media and dating and interacting with one another… I mean,

all my friends have kids, y’know? It was inspiring and really interesting to be around them, because it challenged me in terms of my own stand-up.

” With this, Bishop began work on his next festival show, titled The Comments Section.

As Bishop has worked more on the show, however, the thematic structure has broadened somewhat.

“It’s funny ± you have to send everything in so far in advance, so the show can change so much by the time you’re actually doing it,” says Bishop.

“If I was writing the description now, I would say that it’s a show about me trying to find the antithesis to the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’.

Even with that said, I’ve definitely kept my shows fairly broad and somewhat random in their execution over the last few years.

It’s definitely traditional stand-up there’s no shame in saying that.”

Bishop considers this an equal and opposite reaction to the way that he would create his festival shows in the past.

In instances like My Dad Was Nearly James Bond and Tongues the latter of which was turned into a memoir in 2011 ± the shows were specifically themed and conceptually structured.

In more recent years, however, Bishop has found a certain liberation in not being bound to a single start-to-finish story.

“Don’t get me wrong, those were all great shows,” he says.

“At the same time, though, it can definitely get very rigid when you’re bound to a single theme.

I find a lot of freedom in being able to get up there and just talk about whatever’s on my mind at the time.”

“I find a lot of freedom in being able to get up there and just talk about whatever’s on my mind at the time.

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