Counting TITA

It was only a matter of time before JCM and CountR teamed up.

CountR has steadily advanced its TITA system the past couple of years, gaining traction for the table games payment solution that allows for TITO and point-of-sale transactions.

JCM, via bill validators, printers and Fuzion technology, elevated the functionality of TITO to the realm of promotional tickets, race and sports tickets, lottery tickets and tax forms.

The movements of each company, tracked over different routes in the past couple of years, reached fruition in the fourth quarter.

Under its Master Distribution agreement, launched in time for the high-profile G2E 2019, JCM will distribute CountR’s TITA system throughout North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

The TITA system enables TITO transactions at the table game where a TITO ticket is issued to a player in exchange for their chips.

Players can redeem their TITO ticket at any redemption kiosk, or move freely from table games to slots or from slots to table games with their TITO ticket.

Counting TITA One of JCM’s latest catalysts is the MRX bill validator (right).

It reads two notes/TITO tickets per second, bringing the fastest bill validation solution to table games, company officials say.

Product features include a bulk note feeder/payout component enabling a single-note feed and bulk-note payout up to 15 notes.

A bulk-note feed model also is available. MRX includes a multi-note escrow capacity. A 15-note escrow returns the same notes when a transaction is canceled.

The on-site module replacement minimizes machine down time.

There is a 2,200 note-collection cassette and a retrieval bin.

Unremoved banknotes can be retrieved into an independent bin, keeping the machine running.

The MRX can be upgraded to include JCM’s Intelligent Cash Box (ICB) system to provide the highest level of accounting.

CountR also marches independently with CATA, a micro card redemption machine for card redemption and charging at table games.

Counting TITA Card-based techniques are dominating slot machine gaming today.

The next step of optimization is made by reducing action steps for players on table games.

With the CATA device installed at a table game, casinos can validate cards and display their amount, accept cards at a table game to be partly exchanged for chips and charge cards in exchange for chips.

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