Cashin Hand

Slowly, inexorably, funding floodgates open for gaming operators.

Casinos find new revenue streams from debit cards, mobilephone access and retail shopping to augment brick-and-mortar ATMs.

They also generate more transactions, helped by suppliers easing regulatory issues with compliance-based product features that target fraud.

Even the speed of disbursement increases, as ATMs, kiosks and mobile technology work together. Big rewards greet those who serve this intensified market.

During the season of G2E, with industry power brokers convening, companies offer new looks into their lineup.

Their theme for funding: make it available, make it easy to attain and make it safe.

Payments Pay Off Las Vegas-based Everi Holdings encompasses the payments, games and intelligence realms.

And the payments are hot.

That sector was credited for a whopping tripling of stock-market shares over the last year.

 Everi Payments is a well-rounded collection of integrated solutions and kiosks bringing next-level transactional security to the casino floor.

These components reduce the risk of fraud, increase patron accessibility to funds, and ease potential operator stress due to compliance and reporting requirements, company officials say.

“Our payments business continues to grow as we listen to the market needs and implement innovative, efficient, secure and compliant ways for players to access cash,” says Tim Richards, the company’s senior vice president of payments and innovations.

“Everi was the first to provide the industry with an EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa)-compliant cash access product.

Implementing compliant standards has allowed our customers to reap the benefits of greater approval percentages, higher transaction sizes and reduced fraud.

“By being first with this technology, we have been instrumental in assisting with the writing of EMV standards for our specific transaction types, and also building out the technology to continue delivering on the unique payment types and processes associated with gaming.”

The company has not rested upon its accomplishments.

As G2E dawns, several new aspects greet the industry. “We are excited about introducing our next-generation full-service kiosk, with security features that are unmatched,” Richards indicates.

“We are also launching mobile cage products that will allow players to stay at their game while they withdraw funds for continued play, with the transaction still being completed by cage employees.

And our wallet, which integrates with our CashClub and Xchange products, has been enhanced for improved ease of use and adoption for casino players.”

Richards says Everi’s focus has evolved in the last couple of years. It now integrates varied product lines to harness the power of the entire company.

 Previously, it acquired companies but focused on improving each individual product.

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