beach house

From being hardly known in January, Baltimore’s Beach House
have quickly risen to become critically praised broadsheet
darlings by year end.

This transition has seen the central pairing of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally unexpectedly caught by surprise,

and tonight they are almost embarrassingly thankful towards
the audience for attending this performance,

which largely takes from their third album ‘Teen Dream’ – an album that has connected unlike any of their previous and now comfortably
rests in amongst the higher echelons of many of this years best
album lists.

Transposed to a live environment, elegant dream pop songs such as ‘Norway’ and ‘Zebra’ do not loose any of their immediate tenderness, the
understated performance,

which sees them accompanied onstage by a trio of colour changing triangular shapes,

is perfectly refrained and compliments their shoe-gaze inspired melodies. On one hand, tonight’s performance is lacklustre, void of real presence and
blatant onstage charisma.

On the other Beach House have no need to be full blown. Sometimes it’s
better to take the foot off the pedal and let the songs glide by in a
controlled, delicate manner.
Tonight is one of those times.

One sounds as close to a disco hit – and as far from their
drums and bass punk genesis – as this band are likely to get; the
other sounds like a the theme to Beverly Hills Cop.

Hip Hop influences once replaced Plug’s skeletal guitar sound; now it seems they’re enamoured with dance music and the occasional ravey
breakdown that begs for a tenminute remix.

And ultimately it works – enough at least for us to not care that Georgie Nettell is no longer playing the bass guitar with her hands and keyboards
simultaneously with her feet,

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